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    ameliorate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ameliorate

    (verb) to make better
    Synonyms : amend , better , improve , meliorate
    Example Sentence
    • The editor improved the manuscript with his changes
    (verb) get better
    Synonyms : better , improve , meliorate
    Example Sentence
    • The weather improved toward evening
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ameliorate

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Ameli (Imli) improves the taste of food.

In movie Amelie, Amelie tries to improve other's life.

Take the suffix 'rate'. With the increase in product rate it's quality will also improve.

"ae"+ "melio"+ "re"(meet me) lets meet to improve relations

Aam(Mango)+ lio(Take) + rate(@ less rate).. Cheap mangoes.. makes it Better ;)

Sounds a bit like deteriorate which means 'to lessen or degrade'. Here 'a' negates the meaning. Hence it means 'to better'

deteriorate = degrade ameliorate = improve

AMUL RATE- with shortage of milk, AMUL is increasing milk RATE

AME(she)+LI(literacy)+RATE...(shes improving literacy rate by teaching..

Amelio-rate is to make it more-great

Amelia R. ate Kate's improving cake to help her make it more great!

After polishing off the meal we ate, Amelia rated Its overall quality, saying it might be ameliorated If dusted with imported Parmesan, freshly grated And by having the entrée more attractively plated. JBG 12/27/10


AMELIORATE<===> सुधारना (pr. \\sudharana \\ )[Verb] Example:The army has been called to ameliorate the city situation.

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