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    amalgamate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word amalgamate

    (verb) to bring or combine together or with something else
    Synonyms : commix , mingle , mix , unify
    Example Sentence
    • resourcefully he mingled music and dance
    (adj) joined together into a whole
    Example Sentence
    • United Industries
    • the amalgamated colleges constituted a university
    • a consolidated school
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for amalgamate

suppose you are shy girl and you have a+ male+game+mate (amalgamate)what you should do ? of course combine or unite with your mate against other groups

amalga+mate ,mate means combine........

amalgamate: as we all know that AMALGAM is the alloy of mercury.and alloy means MIXING things together.SO AMALGAMATE means mixing or combining.

remeber pomegranate in which the seeds are united together into one combined ball.

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There is a game at a mall. Hence people come together...Gather for the game!

amalgamate -amass means to collect

amalGAMate:gum since gum combines two things

AMALGAMATE<===> मिल जाना (pr. \\mil jana \\ )[Verb] Example:East and West Germany amalgamated in 1990. AMALGAMATE<===> एक होना (pr. \\ek hona \\ )[Noun]

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