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    affable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word affable

    (adj) diffusing warmth and friendliness
    Synonyms : amiable , cordial , genial
    Example Sentence
    • an affable smile
    • an amiable gathering
    • cordial relations
    • a cordial greeting
    • a genial host
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for affable

affection+able=affection to others

affable= f + able, => that the teacher is able to give f grade to the students , so students are always trying to maintain a warm n healthy relation with the teachers, n also students always approaches their teachers.

Someone who is affable is laughable!

aff+able able means sumthin possible so a friend is easily approcahble able to approach a fren in distress

aff-able,relate aff to affectionate.. its always easy to talk to an affectionate person who will obviously be friendly

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sounds like affection that means kind=love=affable


aff (affair) + able : You will be able to have an affair with a girl only if she is affable.

AFFABLE<===> मिलनसार/सुशील (pr. \\milanasar/sushil \\ )[Adjective] Example:I found your parents very affable unlike what you told me. AFFABLE<===> मिलनसार (pr. \\milanasar \\ )[Noun]

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