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    adjuration - Dictionary definition and meaning for word adjuration

    (noun) a solemn and earnest appeal to someone to do something
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for adjuration

On finding that there was no groceries left the wife asked her husband "AAJ ZARA RAASHAN" le aaiye... A sincere and honest request for an action

so the other day i was in a court room. Funny thing is i had to pee. So i asked the jury if i cud go :P uration sounds a lot like urination...a + jury + urination :-"

ad+jury+duration, the lawyer APPEALED the jury to give him some more DURATION to muster some more witnesses.

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adjuration : ad + jur(JURY)+ ation : so a request or appeal to jury about something.

solemn urge to make addition to jury-->adjuration

Jury adding some work. so its Adjuration


jury sounds like hurry. so added hurry is solemn urging

adjuration sounds like 'urge'uration

Definition: 1. to order somebody to do something, especially under oath; 2. to make a serious appeal to somebody

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