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    adherent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word adherent

    (noun) someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
    Synonyms : disciple
    (adj) sticking fast
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for adherent

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if u know the meaning of "adhere" which is to stick to .. den "adhere+nt" is someone who sticks to..

Ad(Add)+Here. Some who remains added here.

add + her + in to the group .... because she is a supporter and follower of our group (disciple)

Adhere + ENT .. U adhere to an ENT doctor. Means u FOLLOW his instructions - - Follower

adhere-> add+ here means sicking together, adherent, means a person that’s sticks together, a FOLLWER/SUPPORTER

A new member is an ADDED person who HEARS the word. He is an ADDED HEARER.

It means someone always with you to support.

add + heir .. ur heir is ur follower

ADD+HERE+Aunt= ur asking ur ant to add/stick herself here i.e. she sticks to with u.

Fevicol is an adherent which adheres two pages.

Adherent - someone always here to support.

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