actuarial - Dictionary definition and meaning for word actuarial

(adj) of or relating to the work of an actuary
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for actuarial

dont give me rough value give me actual value by "calculating" it
16       2

by rahulbest

actuarial sounds like factorial which implies doing calculation.
13       0

by pinki6

actual+arial=caluclating the cost of ARial
7       21

by meduriswetha

act-tutorial actuarial doing math stuff calculating
4       14

by it's_me

Actual - as in calculating as actual
4       11

by manveetsingh

sounds like calcutarial
2       4

by italyazzurre44

2       1

by mohit_kanwar

see 'actu' sounds like 'accu'RATE+'T'rial'(trail common word meaning test)so read it as 'acuurate test'
2       0

by bharath8421

imagine that you are about to jump of a helicopter.. u calculate the ACTUAL ARIAL distance and time it takes u to fall down and hence determine if u die or not...
2       0

by abhigyan91

"actual"+"real"we get actual real value only by calculation
1       0

by ankitha

a person qualified to calculate commercial risks and probabilities involving uncertain future events, esp in such contexts as life assurance
0       0

by tpant

factorial calculation regarding to insurance company
0       0

by sansecretcp

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