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    accolade - Dictionary definition and meaning for word accolade

    (noun) a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction
    Synonyms : award , honor , honour , laurels
    Example Sentence
    • an award for bravery
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accolade

it sounds like chocolate.. parents accolade if kids do home work properly

A+Cool+Aide is a praise for the effort by a Distinction Student

accolade ac=accept,take; col=>college;ade-->aid; College aid is given as an award of merit.

a+col+lade.. seems like "a college leader"..and if you are a college leader then you will get a strong praise and approval.

accolade sounds like: "act-of-laud" laud meaning praise.

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let ac means not...colade means collision...a person prevented two buses from collision,so he was praised

to ACCOrd (bestow upon) the good LAD my Expression of praise.

a+col+lade : a col. leader got laid ,as an award.

accolade ~ a + COLA company has won several accolades for being a market leader in soft-drinks.

According to Leader(esp. in political space). i.e if you act according to the leader you will be honored and awarded other wise not.

Accolade sounds like A - Coal - Aide! A coal aide was given a merit for all his help!

ACC - aced. You got an A not a C or d on your test - give praise

the accomplished lad won an award of merit

acco+lade;According to me to get Laid is an ultimate award of merit in any relationship

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