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    abstemious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abstemious

    (adj) sparing in consumption of especially food and drink
    Example Sentence
    • the pleasures of the table, never of much consequence to one naturally abstemious
    (adj) marked by temperance in indulgence
    Synonyms : light
    Example Sentence
    • abstemious with the use of adverbs
    • a light eater
    • a light smoker
    • ate a light supper
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abstemious

focus on 'abs' part of this word. Abs...To build a six-pack abs, eat n drink carefully

ABstain from eating STEM

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abs (abs) + stemious (stamina): To build stamina or six pack abs, you have to eat and drink carefully.

take abstemious as abs + tummy + ous that means ABStain from eating to have a flat tummy (stomach).

*ABS*temious , concentrate on ABS .. one who eats and drinks less/lightly will have abs ( of course with work out :) )

ABS+STEAM...I want to make my ABS as light as steam...what will I do???...I will have less amount of food.......

'ab'(away) + 'stemious'(stem of tree) not as thick as stem == refrains in eating(or suffering from marasmus)

Ab + stem + ious...imagine stomach abs and to make them stem like thin you try to eat and drink less

remember as ABS + STEM. If you want to build Abs then you hav to Stem (stop) eating junk food.

be abstemious to avoid conversion of abs into tummy


just focus on abs we get abs by eating food and its abstemious soo abs for u

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