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    abominate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abominate

    (verb) find repugnant
    Synonyms : abhor , execrate , loathe
    Example Sentence
    • I loathe that man
    • She abhors cats
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abominate

the last four letters sound lyk hate(nate)....hence abominate is to hate sb/sthg...

once again wid reference to mnemonic of abominable ....abominate has BOMI(bengali of Vomit)....which is unpleasant experience

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ab(abhi..a name of a person)+ominate(sounds like "mina"(focus on middle part..name of girl...+omit...(means deliberately )....abhi omitted mina from his team because he hated her like anything.

abominate sounds like dominate and we HATE those who dominates us

I NOMINATE Adolf Hitler to be the most hated tyrant in history of the world.

A bom(b) ate = Eating a bomb is really bad! Who wouln't loath this?

abominate = a bha minute. imagine u have given a minute time to your girlfriend and now she didn't came and you HATE her

ab(abhi...a name of person)+ominate(sounds together like omit mina.....means leave out mina)......abhi omitted mina from his team because he hated her like anything

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