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    aplomb - Dictionary definition and meaning for word aplomb

    (noun) great coolness and composure under strain
    Synonyms : assuredness , cool , poise , sang-froid
    Example Sentence
    • keep your cool
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aplomb

Take it as a-bomb, so a bomb defusing team must have following characteristics: assurance, balance, confidence, coolness, equanimity, nerve, nonchalance, poise, surety, tact... Nd these are the synonyms of aplomb!!!

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aplomb ~ a + pl (people) + OM; people normally chant 'OM' when they do meditation to keep themselves cool under strain.

Aplomb bomb - "da bomb" (slang for 'the coolest' or 'the best')

The PLUM tomato had a reason to be so APLOMB. It was rich and juicy with flavor.

APLOMB<===> आत्मविश्वास (pr. \\Atmavishvas \\ )[Noun]

apl-apply...omb sounds like bomb...so a trait in one who can apply in situations of bomb i.e.difficult

aplomb = apl (aplication) + om + b; The application of om is always feel great coolness & composure.

aplomb, aap + bomb can you put a bomb, do you have the self confidence you can do it. asked bin laden to a jihadi.

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