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    addiction - Dictionary definition and meaning for word addiction

    (noun) being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs) Definition
    (noun) an abnormally strong craving Definition
    (noun) (Roman law) a formal award by a magistrate of a thing or person to another person (as the award of a debtor to his creditor); a surrender to a master
    Example Sentence
    • under Roman law addiction was the justification for slavery
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diction sounds like fiction.reading fiction stories became a compulsary habbit to me to read until i will complete the book.

"ad+dict+ion" - dict means say, so saying yes to some habit is addicted to that habit

addiction has the word dict from dictator

Hookers get addicted to A dick ( similar pronunciation to Addict.

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