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penchant - Dictionary definition and meaning for word penchant

(noun) a strong liking
Synonyms : predilection , preference , taste
Example Sentence
  • my own preference is for good literature
  • the Irish have a penchant for blarney

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for penchant

p+enchant- something that enchants you, you have a strong liking for that.
67       4

by logic87

chant- verses are chanted by sages because they have a strong inclination towards spiritualiism.
37       5

by logic87

Some fool is chanting his pen because he likes it so much.
9       6

by userdce

think of a pendant that you wear and love very much
3       1

by roxy629

penchant sounds like pention............generally retired people have strong liking towards pention
2       0

by seelamchandru

PEN(pen frnd) chant(chatting) some one chatting wit pen frnd will have strong inclination in chatting
2       0

by Sravan Kumar

I remembered this word by the following mnemonic and neva 4 got the meaning.. : PEANUT CHAT - every loves peanut chat , hav a strong inclination over it..affinity, fondness, passion... ;)
1       5

by gatz_funky

A new parker PEN comes in the mkt and you have a strong desire for it and hence you CHANT about it where ever you go..
1       1

by ishajuneja90

a PENDULUM has a penchant to swing back and forth.
1       0

by Jackery

in hindi.. chant is a person who will go for what he likes and take risks even if its disapproved.. especially in the context of getting dates...
0       5

by muffisoni

rhymes with pungent which also means taste or smell
0       1

by bansalgaurav28

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