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obsequious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word obsequious

(adj) attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
(adj) attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner
Example Sentence
  • obsequious shop assistants

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obsequious

or obse(ssed)-Qui( yes in frech)-ous=always obsessed with saying yes to it all
20       9

by otimuz

ob + SEQUI + ous .. sequi means sequence where one thing "follows" the other.. and servants follow what their masters say..
17       2

by muffisoni

seq = Suck, uio = Your, us = Ass. He sucks your ass, therefore he's obsequious.
13       3

by avner

Think "seek" because when you seek something you show attentiveness to find it.
8       20

by Yank

sounds like AP+SEEK+QUOUS.......when you seek help,you are attentive and your manner is servile
6       7

by nileshdive

ob ( to) sequi ( to follow) and ous ( full of) so obsequious is full of following after
2       7

by userdce

in hindi 'oab seakh ese' If u wanna learn anything u shoult be attentive
2       3

by chaiturockz

Sounds like obedient. obsequious obedient servants
2       1

by mariaddipaolo

obsequious - obey sequence of work in office(obedience, dutiful).
2       0

by sansecretcp

OBSESSION: The domination of one's thought; OBSEQUIOUS: The domination of one's respect (over-respect)
1       4

by pulkitg

ab(ob)se qosis karunga aisa bol ke chaplusi karte ho father se ye obsequious hai.
1       1

by Priyadarshi

ob+serious = not really serious
0       9

by ksubbian

Imagine a boy or Suise Q obse(ssed) with boot licking her king's sexual needs (I know...);
0       4

by otimuz

Latin: Ob = after and sequi = follow. Think “follower”, with sequi as “sequence”
0       0

by a.gupta

Note: suffix 'ious' means full of..Ob (obey) + seq(seek)+ u+ ious= if u are full of seeking to obey then u are submissive
0       0

by Walkingdictionary

obstinate in getting a yes (qui) from everyone
0       0

by atiffva

O(office mein) B(boss ki) SEQ(secretary)kaan lagake sunti hai meaning she listens slavishly to him.
0       0

by skyfall

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