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predilection - Dictionary definition and meaning for word predilection

(noun) a predisposition in favor of something
Synonyms : orientation , preference
Example Sentence
  • a predilection for expensive cars
  • his sexual preferences
  • showed a Marxist orientation

(noun) a strong liking
Synonyms : penchant , preference , taste
Example Sentence
  • my own preference is for good literature
  • the Irish have a penchant for blarney

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for predilection

pre(before)+dialect(local language); you generally become partial when you are taking an interview and you meet someone who speaks your language ( :) assume the interview is in the US)
59       1

by Swapneel Patil

You come to a split in the road and must choose --->PREFERRED DIRECTION
24       2

by wingdeng

pre+di+election...predetermining the result of election btw 2 parties..tat is da result will b PARTIAl
11       6

by angel

PRE means before DIL shows the inclination for something iction is a homophone to addiction
9       1

by userdce

pre(prefix) = before and dilect rhymes with select.. so the meaning would be something like pre-select or lenient or preference.
2       0

by praveenvd

pre di 'liketion'
1       4

by kmr.akhil

pre'DIL'ection means your heart has previously(pre)selection of something..thats is your heart has previously prefferance of something...
1       0

by jatan0505

1       0

by Jackery

PRE(before)ELECTIONS political leaders show PARTIALITY towards the people
1       0

by yeshwanth_reddy

predilection.. dilection= deflection.. i.e. inclination towards something
1       0

by bhushangosavi12

pre(preferred)+ dilect (dialect) so a person with same dialect(or region) is always preferred over anyone else
0       0

by imfrmheaven

predilection = pre + dialect + election; before dialect he has taken the action so we are giving preference to tata company they donot need more talk.
0       0

by shaktipada

Imagine licking an ice cream.Something that you enjoy eating.And there's a "Leck" in predilection.
0       0

by su30solomon

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