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chortle - Dictionary definition and meaning for word chortle

(noun) a soft partly suppressed laugh
Synonyms : chuckle

(verb) laugh quietly or with restraint
Synonyms : chuckle , laugh softly

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for chortle

CHORi TAL gayi because due to our laughter chor knew that we are in room.
29       19

by userdce

chortle - ch + turtle, when turtle won the race with hare , i chuckled with delight
11       4

by sat_jag

Imagine giving a chart to a cartoonist in a gathering. He would definitely draw something funny and leave audience chuckling
4       9

by aravindhbaskaran

chor+tell wen chor hindi word for thief confesses or tells that he is come to the owner house to steal the ppl in the house will laugh at him
3       4

by vivekkarumudi

chori+tell me why what made chuckle?
2       2

by velinadevi

well chortle.....divide this word into c+hort+le......now focus on middle word....hort...sound simillar to word hoot.....which means..to laugh , to chuckle
1       27

by preetisoni2411

chortle=c+how+turtle is dancing..... people on seeing that laughs delightly...,
1       2

by ajaypasagada@gmail.com

hor...middlle part simillar to hooray an excalamation....to show..your happiness..you laugh....
0       18

by preetisoni2411

c+hortel means when u see hortel u'll chuckle with the thought of havin fun
0       3

by yasha

chotu--laughs on every bad joke :P
0       1

by massb

0       1

by massb

It is exciting a joy to ride a car in full throttle.
0       2

by fanatic

chort(short)+ (smi)le
0       0

by rinci

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