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presumptuous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word presumptuous

(adj) excessively forward
Synonyms : assuming , assumptive
Example Sentence
  • an assumptive person
  • on a subject like this it would be too assuming for me to decide
  • the duchess would not put up with presumptuous servants

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for presumptuous

Focus on "Presum" (Presume)--> To overstep your boundaries by boldly PRESUMing/assuming something.
17       3

by KOGrad

14       32

by preetisoni2411

Consider the word in bracket only : pre(sum )ptuous We can relate sum with Money or hafta vasooli. The ppl doing hafta vasooli are ARROGANT and taking LIBERTY of our silence
6       10

by sh_kk

one who pre-assume things is a forward, bold and arrogant person
4       2

by nikhilparasher

Pre+assuming something means you are overly forward and arrogant..in thinking this way
2       1

by everfreshamit

0       1

by friendofafriend

pre + sumptuous = thinking u r sumptuous from before is a conceit act
0       1

by friendofafriend

presumptuous like assuming means haughty
0       2

by friendofafriend

pre(prior)+sumptuous(i.e. temptuous)..thus the one who is temptuous prior to coming here..i.e.haughty, arrogant
0       1

by devspring

Pre assuming thu(throw) us,he is preassuming that he can throw us,shows his ignorance n overconfidence
0       1

by laaptu

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