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ineluctable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ineluctable

(adj) impossible to avoid or evade:
Synonyms : inescapable , unavoidable
Example Sentence
  • inescapable conclusion
  • an ineluctable destiny
  • an unavoidable accident

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ineluctable

ineluctable -- in +luc(k)+table.. So, a person will be lucky or unlucky in his work on a particular day as per his luck-table, he can't escape from it, it's unavoidable.
49       12

by KM2009

Suppose a course is compulsory in a particular semester. So you are unable to 'elect' another course.
25       3

by rizvi

IN(not)+ELECTABLE....that cannot be elected....you don't have choice to elect because there is no option hence you cannot escape from it....
17       0

by nileshdive

ineluctable- in + luck + able - we are not able to avoid the fate anyhow which is in our luck
3       4

by yokel

in + eluctate(=to struggle out, to escape) => inescapabale
2       2

by s7dhansh

ineluctable-[in-neglectable] unable to neglect
2       0

by rohan88

ineLuctable->LucK can't be avoid;not be escaped
1       0

by amayet_math_du

indian elections cannot be avoided :P
1       0

by raghavi

LUCK - TABLE... You're playing blackjack at a table in a CASINO and your LUCK is so good, that its IRRESISTIBLE to stop playing even though you could lose all of it on one shot.
0       3

by menon_ranjit

god has a list of luck table with rows as how lucky and columns as dates. This is called destiny. And Destiny is unavoidable :)
0       1

by friendofafriend

sounds like in means not reluctance not possible to stop.
0       0

by shaktipada

In (usually shows negation ... Not ) + elu ... Try to relate this to elude - to escape ... In+elu - unable to escape ... Unavoidable
0       0

by piu

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