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absolve - Dictionary definition and meaning for word absolve

(verb) grant remission of a sin to
Synonyms : shrive
Example Sentence
  • The priest absolved him and told him to say ten Hail Mary's

(verb) let off the hook
Synonyms : free , justify
Example Sentence
  • I absolve you from this responsibility

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for absolve

ab -solve . so you solved a dispute between you and your friend , how did you solve it by forgiving and pardoning him/her .
56       5

by chandrima

Releasing a person from jail sheriff tells him: "you can go I'VE SOLVED the crime, turns out you are innocent after all"
7       2

by Phoenix

bahut cheating kar li ..."ab solve" kardo...
5       10

by bond

absolve also=exempt,discharge,dispense,exculpate,acquit,exonerate,vindicate
2       8

by akshay shah

ab + solve : if you can solve this problem, I can absolve your sin from the accusation of cheating in exam. (a teacher said to his student)
2       0

by meduriswetha

"Don't let him off the hook unless you ABSOLutely belieVE that he didn't do it."
2       1

by dshefman

ab-now, solve is normal.. "ab problem solve ho gaya hi.. mein tujhe maaf kar raha hun.. jaa"
2       1

by its.me

I'll let my Ab(s) Solve the problem between us, and when she pardons me, she'll be all over my abs...ooh.
0       2

by otimuz

Ab+ Solve; if you move away(Ab) to solve problems you will feel guilty; if you SOLVE your problems, you will be free from guilt and blame and their consequences.
0       2

by nikhilparasher

absolve your sin is to pardon your sin.
0       1

by mylist

abhi solve karde to maaf kar dunga
0       0

by tabish2609

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