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inchoate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word inchoate

(adj) only partly in existence; imperfectly formed
Synonyms : incipient
Example Sentence
  • incipient civil disorder
  • an incipient tumor
  • a vague inchoate idea

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inchoate

choate seems like "chote"..for example "chote bachche" means not fully grown up or in the initial stage of life.
105       5

by studyabroad.us

inch(o)+ate i've "just begun" to eat an inch
25       3

by snipper_hell

inchoate ~ in + [ch]aos + st[ate]
6       6

by pateheo

IN the PROCESS OF MAKING CHOcklATE,meaning a process that has jus begun
3       7

by imajeeth

inch+ ate he ate like inch so not fully developed
3       0

by nikhilparasher

in choclate age, immature, incipient
2       1

by sumesh.nb

Picture a caterpillar in his cocoon. Imagine the cocoon as an over coat with a large fur collar wrapped around the caterpillar, which is IN COAT.
2       0

by Jackery

inch+o+ate Of a large pizza i have JUST BEGUN to --eat-- an ---inch--.
1       0

by Abhishek Katara

IN + choate(cacuun)like butterfly metamorphism Not inital stage/ not fully formed
1       0

by pacdee

focus on choate which is de short form of chocklate....the preparation of home made chocklates has "jus begun" and it is "yet to be completed"
0       8

by imajeeth

inc (increasingly) + hoate (hot) - garmi is inc pehle itni nahi thi .. means it garmi is starting now
0       8

by diggs_chauhan

Chotee like the Bid Naked some is about her initial stage of marriage to her drummer Chotee
0       2

by Yank

[Imagine the scene in "Harry Potter" where Harry and Cho ate together in a pub.] the INcipient relationship of Harry and CHO, who ATE together in a pub, was immature.
0       3

by joeyessoe

inchoate = inch + o + ate; It is only inch in length, why you ate it, It will grow to a large size.
0       0

by shaktipada

the beginner was not IN COAT FOR THE MEETING
0       0

by joxeusindia

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