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writhe - Dictionary definition and meaning for word writhe

(verb) to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling)
Synonyms : squirm , twist , worm , wrestle , wriggle
Example Sentence
  • The prisoner writhed in discomfort
  • The child tried to wriggle free from his aunt's embrace

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for writhe

it is 'write' but we have to pronounce it twisting our tongue to say 'writhe' so the meaning 'twist'
7       1

by worldisunderme

Looks like "write the".. we must write the writhe of the Reporter who was killed by the police for WRITING THE truth or writhe looks like WRITE+HE ,and can be memorised as HE WRITE a story in which he which TWISTED the story.
5       27

by hritupon

comes from wry which is a twisted situation
3       6

by friendofafriend

writhe is the twisted form of write.
3       0

by shaktipada

Writhe and gripe....you writhe (suffer) when you have a griping (colic pain) pain.
1       10

by pushpa_edit

Writhe:~(writha/wrutha/wrudha)manava(an old man): a old man always walks in a shaky way/twisted way/about to fall manner, as a prisoner who walks after getting heavily punished as nagarjuna in ramadasu,with all crusts and trufs.
1       0

by NarenSuri

writhe is the twisted form of writhe.
0       1

by shaktipada

write ke bichme h aya so woh thoda twist hua.writHe
0       0

by jai ho

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