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vie - Dictionary definition and meaning for word vie

(verb) compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others
Synonyms : compete , contend

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for vie

Pronounce it as 'Why' and observe the gesture i.e; right thumb up asking someone the question ' Why'.. and indeed you show your thumb up whenever you CHALLENGE some person
34       13

by saikiran

vie sounds like "SYE", which means the challenge nothing but competing.
12       3

by nataraj_mnemonic

it sounds as "why" as competitors think "why would someone else win the game"
7       5

by saba

vie comes from "invite" we invite someone to compete
2       11

by walid

Vie and shy are rhyming words. Vie, is to compete with someone, but, shy is the opposite...you shy away from public (do not come forward).
2       4

by pushpa_edit

vie ~ eye ; you always keep an eye on you competitor so that you can COMPETE (VIE) well !
2       3

by khushi5

Vie-Wii...Nintendo Wii(Vie) COMPETE with Sony PlayStation...There is goes...Vie-Compete
2       0

by mdmobashir

1       6

by gatz_funky

vie rhymes with pie...imagine a pie-race, who can eat 10 pies
1       7

by anshulnirvana

u have a dodge viper(vie) car. what wud u do? u wud compete with other cars!
1       1

by harsha00711

The two groups were vying* for buying* the land.
1       0

by abdullah71

vie rhymes with tie. Very competitive matches tie.
1       0

by abdullah71

"Vie" sounds like "bhai"...politicians to each other greet calling BHAI but behind they COMPETE
1       0

by KSahoo

when u ask d qsn "Why" d teacher feels challanged / fear of embarrasment in frnt of ur peers
0       0

by 937256

v stands for victory coming after competing
0       0

by komya

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