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unconscionable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word unconscionable

(adj) lacking a conscience
Synonyms : conscienceless
Example Sentence
  • a conscienceless villain
  • brash, unprincipled, and conscienceless
  • an unconscionable liar

(adj) greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation
Example Sentence
  • exorbitant rent
  • extortionate prices
  • spends an outrageous amount on entertainment
  • usurious interest rate
  • unconscionable spending

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for unconscionable

unconscionable is un + conscio + nable...and conscience means to know what is morally acceptable but unconscious means not aware of the acceptable amount and therefore the same as unconscionable.
12       5

by prince garg23

Unconscionable is the same as immeasurable... something that is beyond compare... uncomparable.
1       6

by pushpa_edit

un(not)+con(considering)+science(logic/reason). so unconscience means beyond reason or not guided by logic(science)
1       0

by pradipta863das88

2012 is the end of world is a UN CONdition SCIence report. Not right or reasonable
1       0

by sansecretcp

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