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turpitude - Dictionary definition and meaning for word turpitude

(noun) a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice
Synonyms : depravity
Example Sentence
  • the various turpitudes of modern society

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for turpitude

TAPORI ATTITUDE.....I hpe nw its easy
53       3

by prateekspaw

turpitude = turbid attitude so a depraved act.
35       8

by ranjan_thinker

TURPITUDE and RECTITUDE are rhyming words with opposite meanings. Turpitude refers to wickedness while Rectitude refers to correctness of behaviour, upright and honest.
10       5

by pushpa_edit

turpitude...concentrate on "turp", now replace 't' with 's'..it becomes surp..which means snake in hindi..what can you expect from a snake..turpitude, or depraved act
8       32

by anshulnirvana

The first word that comes with my association with TURPITUDE is TORPEDO..torpedo is similar as it is destructive too
6       5

by wsquare

focus on the last part of the word turpITUDE...(SOUNDS SIMILAR TO ATTITUDE).....SO SOMEONE HAVING THE MEAN ATTITUDE.
4       11

by preetisoni2411

notice the word PIT. a turpitude or turd + PIT + dude, or a turd dude will definately go to hell(pit of fire) if he is immoral
3       2

by friendofafriend

When you do "TUR" (tor) and "PIT" (peet), u are being corrupt, or degenerate, or depraved - morally not correct !
1       3

by aanchal1007

When you say something TURPITUDINOUS your mother washes your mouth out with TURPentine soap
1       1

by dshefman

To punish the little boy for his turpitude, his mother put TERPENTINE on his TORPEDO.
1       1

by Jackery

turks wre thrown in the pit by morgan black's invaders. in the pit they had to live in depravity to servive
0       2

by harsha00711

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