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torrid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word torrid

(adj) characterized by intense emotion
Example Sentence
  • ardent love
  • an ardent lover
  • a fervent desire to change society
  • a fervent admirer
  • fiery oratory
  • an impassioned appeal
  • a torrid love affair

(adj) emotionally charged and vigorously energetic
Example Sentence
  • a torrid dance
  • torrid jazz bands
  • hot trumpets and torrid rhythms

(adj) extremely hot
Example Sentence
  • the torrid noonday sun
  • sultry sands of the dessert

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for torrid

torturously arid or hot & arid=torrid
24       8

by gre_fever

My girlfriend thought i was lookin torrid(HOT) in my new silky shirt so she just came up and TORE IT OFF!!!!(SOUNDS LIKE TORID)
8       5

by verbal800

"Tour" + "Rid" You got rid of the tour because it was to hot outside.
6       2

by anujpathania

i remember vaguely but 10 years back there was this chick named TORRY who was KANE's gf in WWE. i best KANE 1.was passionate about 2. HEATED sex with her.
5       6

by friendofafriend

People in Torrid Zones experience hot
3       2

by 0m3gA

torres is really PASSIONATE about football and girls think he is really HOT
2       2

by harsha00711

too - Arid(hot and scorching )
2       0

by Rushabh22

torrid - to really red - red is symbolic of passion , hot and heat.
1       1

by shalnew

torrid....torri+d..torri..sounds like tory..people of.conservative party in britain is known as TORY..who is very PASSIONATE ABOUT his party rules and work.
0       6

by preetisoni2411

TORRID and HEATED are words describing something very hot and dry.
0       9

by pushpa_edit

Tory Wilson (am not sure whether she is still doing it )is very hot women in WWE
0       0

by NelsonNishanth

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