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titillate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word titillate

(verb) touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements
Synonyms : tickle , vellicate

(verb) excite pleasurably or erotically
Example Sentence
  • A titillating story appeared in the usually conservative magazine

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for titillate

"Tits" + "Late" -> The more late a girls show you her tits in foreplay, more sexually excited you become.
19       1

by anujpathania

TITILLATE and STIMULATE are rhyming words, both of which mean to excite or to provoke desire.
12       7

by pushpa_edit

Titill = titli can be considered as sexy extrovert girl, who excites you sexually(pleasantly), or tickles your mind
7       7

by sukhoyash

A 'TITI' [ticket checker] was tickling you, Jab tum train mein 'LATE' hue the. Bez he wanted to check your ticket. Hence 'TITILLATE'.
3       6

by gunjanshah

TITI(boobs) HILAATEY... its not me the word is simply made by that. perverted englishmen ;)
2       0

by friendofafriend

aaj kal comedy circus(a prog on sony tv) goes on TILL LATE nite..a 1 hour show is extended to 1.5 hrs...nevertheless it is capable of TICKLING its audience throughout the show!!!............:D
1       0

by verbal800

when a titli(butterfly) flutters past ur skin u feel tickled and excited pleasurably
0       1

by harsha00711

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