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tirade - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tirade

(noun) a speech of violent denunciation
Synonyms : broadside , philippic

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tirade

sounds like tired.. your mom gets tired after a TIRADE..i.e. LONG ANGRY DENUNCIATORY SPEECH..
42       8

by kvsharat

In Trading job, if something goes wrong, they will scold you
8       2

by 0m3gA

papa made the rade of evening tea by tirade .(tea+rade)
2       8

by sanduja_arun

TEE in pujabi means daughter. lets say TI = daughter for a second. now if you raid your daughter when she is changing clothes, youre a fucking pedophile and this is god-damn denouncing. SO DONT TIRADE
2       3

by friendofafriend

TIRADE is when you BOMBARD somebody with angry words.
1       5

by pushpa_edit

Tyre vesetappudu (While a puntchur guy changes a tyre) he bitches non-stop about other puncture guy. so Tirade.
1       2

by kingkoti

tire tho adithe, mom wil give long speech of scolding
1       0

by santosh reddy

TIRADE - sounds like "ti rage" means woh ladki gussa main hain (ti:woh ladki)rage:gussa), so us ladki apne boyfriend par apna pura gussa (anger/denunciation utara)nikala.
1       0

by sagarbudavi

Tirade = T(Talk) + i(in) + rade(Rage)
1       0

by vocabIsFun

When you are tired after a heavy work, if somebody speaks at you asking questions you get irritated shout at them and give the a TIRADE speech.
1       0

by ipavan57

TIRADE RHYMES WITH BRATE.... both means to scold stongly..
0       3

by vishal41

Tirade: Tyrant + rade, rade by tyrant is accompanied by bitterness
0       0

by boybluffs

Parade of Scoldings
0       0

by saicharan06

TYRANT + EDE = becoz his speech was very harsh and critical. THIRADEkunna polulla tyrant nte speech.
0       0

by biotechlover

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