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tinge - Dictionary definition and meaning for word tinge

(noun) a slight but appreciable amount
Synonyms : hint , jot , mite , pinch , soupcon , speck , touch
Example Sentence
  • this dish could use a touch of garlic

(noun) a pale or subdued color
Synonyms : undertone

(verb) affect as in thought or feeling
Synonyms : color , colour , distort
Example Sentence
  • My personal feelings color my judgment in this case
  • The sadness tinged his life

(verb) color lightly
Synonyms : tinct , tint , touch
Example Sentence
  • her greying hair was tinged blond
  • the leaves were tinged red in November

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tinge

TINGE is related 2TINY...i.e TINY trace of color or quality
2       1

by Phanik12312

Tinge and Touch have somewhat the same sound and they mean, a slight or minor trace of an element or a quality. For example you could say, a touch or a tinge of something.
1       3

by pushpa_edit

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