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timorous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word timorous

(adj) timid by nature or revealing timidity
Synonyms : fearful , trepid
Example Sentence
  • timorous little mouse
  • in a timorous tone
  • cast fearful glances at the large dog

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for timorous

sounds like TIME + OVER: imagine you are giving your GRE exam, and your time gets over, you will get frightened.. = fear = demonstrate fear. :)
45       7

by keyurpatel87

timorous=timor+ous , think of timor ..we become fearful hearing the East timor+ USA war..
6       10

by walid

timorous means showing or suffering from nervousness or a lack of confidence...TUMOURous...if you come to know that you have a tumour, you will be TIMOROUS....
4       2

by nileshdive

timorous = timid
3       2

by friendofafriend

Timorous and Nervous are rhyming words with the same meaning. They refer to someone who is faint-hearted or afraid.
1       6

by pushpa_edit

Pronounced similar to Amorous; So Gunnu is fearful of amorous conquests
1       6

by 0m3gA

ok little weak but concentrate to understand. Amorous is illicit love. Not pure love. And we don't fear the world in pure love. So we fear the world in timorous (a form of timid amorous)
1       3

by friendofafriend

Timorous sounds like Timon.... try to relate it with Timon of cartoon Timon and Pumba where Timon was really COWARD
1       1


remember from history the great mongol ruler Timur-lung... every king ws fearful of him
0       3

by saif_mohmd

timid and morose
0       3

by shalnew

tehi moros: when we saw a tiger in front of us then
0       0

by pravesh

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