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stifle - Dictionary definition and meaning for word stifle

(noun) joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped; corresponds to the human knee
Synonyms : knee

(verb) conceal or hide
Synonyms : muffle , repress , smother , strangle
Example Sentence
  • smother a yawn
  • muffle one's anger
  • strangle a yawn

(verb) smother or suppress
Synonyms : dampen
Example Sentence
  • Stifle your curiosity

(verb) impair the respiration of or obstruct the air passage of
Synonyms : asphyxiate , choke , suffocate
Example Sentence
  • The foul air was slowly suffocating the children

(verb) be asphyxiated; die from lack of oxygen
Synonyms : asphyxiate , suffocate
Example Sentence
  • The child suffocated under the pillow

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for stifle

stifle is similar to Stifler(American pie series). imagine abt the guy... he used to supress and ditch around his fellow ppl.
21       8

by kartextremes

rhymes with rifle(a gun). So if you fire a rifle , you need to EXTINGUISH it too.
10       18

by imajeeth

suppose you are giving an exam and suddenly you've an urge for eating chocolate trifle, but you can't..so you'll have to suppress it..Suppress+TrIFLE = stifle
7       11

by anshulnirvana

good mnemonic by mnm : When you take a rifle with you, you better stifle (conceal, hide) it, else you will be arrested added by
3       3

by friendofafriend

Stifler of American pie couldnt 'suppress' his sex urge.. he ws a very horny guy :)
3       2

by saif_mohmd

after choking someone to death the person would become stiff.
1       0

by poojita

+Imajeeth One who ruffles must also stifle.
0       5

by garrulous

0       1

by fredjackson

suppress noise of your rifle = stifle
0       0

by anonymous1024

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