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somnolent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word somnolent

(adj) inclined to or marked by drowsiness
Synonyms : slumberous , slumbery , slumbrous
Example Sentence
  • slumberous (or slumbrous) eyes
  • `slumbery' is archaic
  • the sound had a somnolent effect

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for somnolent

" somn " is a root which means sleep, so any word having this root is pertaining to sleep...
7       4

by nasri

SOMNUS is a latin root for sleep...hence somnolent is sleepy...
4       0

by nileshdive

focus on "nolen"the famous directors latest flick is inception which is full of sleep and dreams..
2       2

by kinderboy

Mr Som no lent you Chinese tea to drink so you are sleepy now
1       0

by KSahoo

it can be split into somn(body) +no(not) +lent(leaned).if u sleep without leaning ur back. then u r definitely in a half sleep
0       6

by gopikrish2000

if an ENT doctor inserts a nol(=pipe in hindi) into ur ear he will be giving u sedatives nd u will be drowsy. so SOMNOLENT=SOM(root word for sleep)+NOL(PIPE) +ENT
0       1

by mit006

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