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skinflint - Dictionary definition and meaning for word skinflint

(noun) a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend
Synonyms : churl , niggard , scrooge

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for skinflint

skinFLINT.. The Flintstones cartoon show had stingy cartoon characters.
17       9

by upadhyad

Flint means hard stone. Just imagine Skinflint with a person having hard skin. In Hindi, we used to say, 'Paise dene ke mamle me iski chamdi [skin] moti [hard] hey'. That means unwilling to give or spend.
11       5

by gunjanshah

skin+flint~flintstone a cartoon remember he is wearing skin of animal because he doesnt like to spend money to buy cloth
2       2

by sanlee

SKIN + FLINT ... if Flintoff is a MISER then he would become SKINny as he will not eat anything to save money
1       7

by murali89

SKIN+FLINToff feeds on the skin of animal as he is miser n stingy person.
0       3

by balkrishnaparajuli

SKINFLINT = using flint(stones for making fire) till it becomes skinny(small). USING EVERY PART IN IT
0       0

by lokesh755

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