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sequester - Dictionary definition and meaning for word sequester

(verb) requisition forcibly, as of enemy property
Example Sentence
  • the estate was sequestered

(verb) take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority
Synonyms : attach , confiscate , impound , seize
Example Sentence
  • The FBI seized the drugs
  • The customs agents impounded the illegal shipment
  • The police confiscated the stolen artwork

(verb) undergo sequestration by forming a stable compound with an ion
Example Sentence
  • The cations were sequestered

(verb) keep away from others
Synonyms : seclude , sequestrate , withdraw
Example Sentence
  • He sequestered himself in his study to write a book

(verb) set apart from others
Example Sentence
  • The dentist sequesters the tooth he is working on

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sequester

seek + quest - those who seek to find something as a part of a quest have to leave the society or seclude themselves from it.
56       3

by logic87

If I seek rest I would prefer seclusion
17       0

by Tapasya

Sounds like Silverter, Jab Tweaty ne Silverter ka popat kiya.. To Silverster had to retire from public life.
4       1

by Malinga

sequester =see+twister==>when u see twister u "isolate" from ur dwelling place
4       0

by sagardoshi63

1st meaning: isolated:a person who quests the sea and lives ther alone

2nd meaning : take possesions legally : suppose you lent me money for some land. with that money i buy an island. If m unable to payback u quest my sea
3       1

by friendofafriend

SYLVESTER stallone has now 'retired from public life' he is 'isolated' from films now
3       0

by saif_mohmd

SEQUESTER ~ se (sea) + quester (questions) : He sequestered himself in his science books to find answers to questions related to sea water.
2       5

by Administrator

SEclude+QUEST-He SEcluded himself/isolated from family in QUEST of money and power
2       0

by ggauravr

SEQUESTER or RETIRE - to exclude or ostracize from a society or group.
1       6

by pushpa_edit

The adventurous guy went on a SEA-QUEST to find the mythical sea monster .. Being a dangerous journey, he had to journey alone. He find the monster on an ISOLATED and SECLUDED region of the ocean..
1       1

by rahularoradce

He was left SECLUDED and ISOLATED when his property was CONFISCATED
1       0

by ggauravr

He was set apart from others and was sent on sea quest.
1       0

by anujpathania

0       3

by rahularoradce

sequester: sequence + star i.e the stars r sited in sequence , isolated from each other
0       0

by shaktipada

the requester was sequestered and beaten up to death
0       0

by roozbeh33

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