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scintilla - Dictionary definition and meaning for word scintilla

(noun) a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
Synonyms : iota , shred , smidge , smidgen , smidgeon , smidgin , tittle , whit

(noun) a sparkling glittering particle
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for scintilla

Scintilla has 'tilla', remember is as tila [small hill], very tiny as compared to Mountain. So scintilla means 'tiny'.
12       2

by gunjanshah

scintilla = skiny + tinka tinka in hindi means a small drop.. so both the words mean small bits..
11       12

by muffisoni

SCINTILLA or SCANT - meagre, small.
5       1

by pushpa_edit

scintilla-sc(supremecourt)in tilla(in hindi-measurement for land)so why u involving sc in this small tilla of land
4       3

by anujgoyal87

seen til .. "til gul gya god god bola".. til is small and tilgul are sparkling
1       0

by Gireish

SCINTILLA sounds like CHANTIPILLA in telugu means born baby which looks very small TINY
1       0

by Venky77

schin sounds like shan(small time in hindi).
0       1

by cp.jethani

scintilla >> take tilla>> TIL(Mole in english) so chehare pe til is very minute ! lolz
0       2

by rockistani

SCINTILLA i.e. sc ( scheduled caste) people in tilla ( means high position) i.e. if a sc man becomes rich it is become SCINTILLA a small figure in the world of buisness.
0       0

by shaktipada

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