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rife - Dictionary definition and meaning for word rife

(adj) most frequent or common
Example Sentence
  • prevailing winds

(adj) excessively abundant
Synonyms : overabundant , plethoric

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for rife

rife is like wife...which is common one hence ABUNDANT and PLENTIFUL.
35       14

by jaga

rife==> rifle which has abundant bullets
27       7

by oneflewover

rife can be taken as rifle which needs abundant courage to handle it.
7       5

by coolmayuri222

4       3

by sravan1411

rife~ interchange the position of 'e' n 'i'. refi = mohammad rafi(gr8 musician) has a WIDESPREAD popularity here, with ABUNDANT fan following and the CURRENT generation loves him too!
3       6

by khushi5

Life: Life is abundant in the universe.
2       3

by subhasish

when two friends are in a RIFT, they don't talk. when they are in a RIFE... there is "abundance" of talk
2       2

by BloodyMickey

Repeated Wife.U don't need repeated wife hence abundant
2       1

by tapobratabag

sounds like rice..which is in abundance in every part of the world.
1       0

by ashtan007

having rife(exessively abundant) wives is illegal
1       0

by amarendar

rife is close to strife. We see wide-spread strifes currently.
0       13

by garrulous

In Lalu land, rifle use was rife, causing great strife to people.
0       1

by hmpai

rife: w(r)ife have abundant things to tell their husbands
0       1

by h.pathrabe250487

rife = abundant wife = wrong rife(not abudant) :D
0       0

by lokesh755

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