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repine - Dictionary definition and meaning for word repine

(verb) express discontent
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for repine

Imagine on Christmas, your friend brings pine tree instead of Christmas tree, so you will repine...
50       2

by anshulnirvana

re+pine, pine rhymes with wine, so when you are given a wine that is not proper, you will COMPLAIN.
20       7

by imajeeth

sounds like whine...
11       2

by 1.6k

re+PINE is like poking with a pin which is FRETFUL,ANNOYED.
3       3

by daringdavin

complaining for doing rape...
3       12

by binod

Repine=reply for pine(poking with pin).Express discontent.
3       1

by rakei

suppose ur given pine juice over n over again (RE), u will complain and fret
2       0

by harsha00711

Rhymes with REFINE. So we REPINE about something until it is REFINE.
2       1

by saketh.theerdha

re+fine if ur refined for a same misdeed again you will be sad
2       1

by sandeepkonda

Repine is also like "pine" e.g., pining for a cigar, pining for a lover.
1       5

by garrulous

Peinlich: 1.uncomfortable 2.mortifying 3.painful 4.embarrassing 5.awkward - (If someone uses the word peinlich in German then they are probably complaining about something.)
0       2

by logintel

0       1

by logintel

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