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pulchritude - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pulchritude

(noun) physical beauty (especially of a woman)
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pulchritude

itude=attitude a girl who has high attitude ... she is beautiful
18       17

by cp.jethani

Christ is depicted as a very beautiful man in every one of his paintings ..
7       3

by rahularoradce

Christ on Pulsar -- A very beautiful sight
6       3

by gayathripm

guys having pulsors easily get comely chicks
3       3

by friendofafriend

PULCHRITUDE = PULUK (eyelid) ghapakna (blink) bhool jao BEAUTY daikh kay
3       3

by Wiki

Pulchritude - originates from pulcher which sounds similar to pulsar.. pulsar is magestic which attracts beautiful girls..
1       0

by lgb

pul+CHRI(karari)+TUDE(chut)-- karari chut or physical beauty.. its obscene bt easy to remember. ;P
1       0

by dalal_eme

sounds like PARACHUTE.Using parachute oil girls become beautiful and eveready.
1       0

by anuragpareek

"Har PAL CHAL DUDE" and you will get a physically attractive body.
0       3

by anujpathania

PULchriTUDE :(PUL)फुलासारखी दिसते (beautiful)म्हणून हे attitude तुला आहे ...
0       4

by rahulkhadse

pulcarinche attitude...comely
0       0

by ramyameruva

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