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prodigal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word prodigal

(noun) a recklessly extravagant consumer
Synonyms : profligate , squanderer

(adj) recklessly wasteful
Example Sentence
  • prodigal in their expenditures

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for prodigal

prod(rodies) +gals(girls)=extravagance. If you are with girls of rodies then you have to be extravagant..
38       11

by deepaksabharwal

prodigal = prodi (proud )+ gal (girl)= the girls who is having excessive proud is always wasteful or divide prodigal as PRO+DI+GAL, => PRODUCERS and DIRECTORS r using gals for sex.it means they are PROFLIGATE.
12       1

by rajpt_007

PRO with GAL: to become a pro (casanova) among gals you will have to waste money
9       1

by nikunj

i show rod to my girl when she was wasting my money
7       13

by ratikmittal

prodigal = pro + dig 'digger'. A super digger dig his farmland. What a wasteful!
2       15

by pateheo

prod (poke) a girl: you r trying to hook up with a girl by prodding her waist, and she ignores you. therefore, all that you tried to do was lavish, extravagant.
0       9

by ro0oney

PROs (in sports) lavish their GALs with extravagant things
0       1

by mariaddipaolo

Learn two synonyms! Pro-d-igal: one who has PROfuse Dollars to spend is a SPENDTHRIFT/PROfligate!
0       1

by sap

prodigal-pradeep sir and gals imagine pradeep sir has become extravagant and is hovering around girls
0       2

by santosh pokhrel

Prod(Prada)+Gal(girl).Girl buying prada is waste of money.
0       0

by saransh60

prod(proud)+gal(girl) will always wastes money
0       0

by kruz

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