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probity - Dictionary definition and meaning for word probity

(noun) complete and confirmed integrity; having strong moral principles
Example Sentence
  • in a world where financial probity may not be widespread
  • he enjoys an exaggerated reputation for probity

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for probity

PRO(pahle)+beti(ladkiya) sounds like girls first 'something having high morale'
42       36

by preetisoni2411

Probe is done to verify probity.So probity=neccessity (or reason ) for probe.
32       12

by namaskar

basically this word is taken from latin probus..means honesty..............
26       31

by preetisoni2411

A PROBATION Officer tries to keep former criminals HONEST.
8       0

by logintel

Let them probe, they wont find any mistakes - probity
6       6

by AndrewVarghese

A father telling is daughter Please(P) roh(RO) mat Beti(bity) you have not lost your integrity or moral values.
6       8

by tuubow

probity= PRO+BT = Professer Balgangadar Tilak.. He was a man of uprightness and Incorruptibility...!!!
5       6

by jammy4u

remember it as 'probe with integrity' means keep moral principles intact,be honest..
4       3

by iet.saket@gmail.com

PROBE-BETI... The father suspects the Daughter has taken to Drugs and compromised her INTEGRITY, so he probes/investigates the BETI
2       3

by menon_ranjit

Probity = No Problem guy
1       18

by G_P

now a days probability of finding a honest person is very less
1       3

by ratikmittal

When Police bits prisoner (probity)with probe .then he becomes honest.
1       0

by gbspaithan

What is the probability of signal integrity
0       8

by ksameer_coep

Probe a murder without being corrupted
0       5

by aravindhbaskaran

Probe+it- probe ur conscience to grow in uprightness, honesty.
0       2

by pcsjith

means to examine or investigate, Probe is done to verify probity
0       2

by nikhilparasher

Kobe has no probity. (you have to know Kobe Bryant's history for this to work)
0       0

by shirasong

prob(lem)+beti: beti is very sincere n honest so they will not get any problems
0       0

by kruz

Probity - A probe goes in Tea ... or In - Tea - Gree(n) Tea to check its Hones - Tea
0       0

by hspandit

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