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pithy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pithy

(adj) concise and full of meaning
Synonyms : sententious
Example Sentence
  • welcomed her pithy comments
  • the peculiarly sardonic and sententious style in which Don Luis composed his epigrams

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pithy

pi-thy: the math symbol pi is concise and has great meaning
44       1

by gentoo

pithy : pithaj+y=pithaji,he should be very precise and brief
4       7


Pithy saying is concise and meaningful saying
2       3

by rafiul208

PIThy -as pit (you dig a pit on the road with very concise measurements so tha that you do minimum damagge to the alignment of the road) if you speak telugu it can be pronounced as pit thiyyi(dig in english)
1       0

by sainathreddy92

Think pithy of the smithy... and in fantasy books Dwarves are smithys, they are always brief and concise.
0       5

by Yank

Pi- thy .Pi has great conciseness and substance.And then so ,the "pithy" means full of pith the real substance.
0       4

by rakei

Customers who go to twenty second street to see the Smithy, Never pay a visit to his toilet that is not pithy, For the smell of that room is always quite iffy.
0       6

by memory man

Father is PITH of the family and speaks PITHY
0       0

by pp

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