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peccadillo - Dictionary definition and meaning for word peccadillo

(noun) a petty misdeed
Synonyms : indiscretion

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peccadillo

"pecc" (actually, pecado) refers to "mistake" as in impeccable. pecking others etc., So, peccadillo means small mistake.
43       5

by garrulous

no one is PUKKA . we tend to do small and petty mistakes
16       3

by Sinduja

If you watch American pie 3 movie you can easily remember this word in this movie the heroin have this peccadillo ( penis shape dildo ) which girls use for the small offense or sexual satisfaction
9       1

by rajpt_007

pecc(mistake) + dillo(dhila)means loose,so small mistake..
5       5

by markiv1864

peccadillo=penis-ca-dhorlo(bangla)..it means to hold penis..you can say it as handling..it is not a serious offense
2       0

by lazyboy

pecca means drink beer and dillo means looseness so peeke offence kar diya
1       2

by ratikmittal

peccadillo=peca +adi+l(light)+o(lo(tesko))..playing cards is a minor offence
1       1

by bunnuchinni

sound like BACARDI LAO(bring)...you are asking your friend to bring bacardi....and drinking bacardi is a minor crime(morally).....
1       1

by nileshdive

peccadillo sounds like -- puchka dhil marlo -- which is slight offence
1       0

by pothikbd

pakka di low blow = petty act
0       1

by friendofafriend

the armaDILLO PECked my arm but I considered this only a minor offense because he could have bit my arm off
0       1

by karenrw

pe+ca+dil+lo....so ek person pe ke dil lo-dil lo bol rha hai....means it is a slight offense
0       1

by er.amit.1jan

Peccadillo means Pecca Dil Lo yani ladki ka Dil pakka lo aur "make small mistake" yani thodi galti karo
0       0

by RKA-CE-9910827111-Delhi

Pecca Dil Lo aur this surely will be your petty mistake in life.
0       0

by RKA-CE-9910827111-Delhi

pecca (playing card) + dil (deal) + lo (low offense)….
0       0

by sham96m

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