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palpitate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word palpitate

(verb) cause to throb or beat rapidly
Example Sentence
  • Her violent feelings palpitated the young woman's heart

(verb) shake with fast, tremulous movements
Synonyms : quake , quiver
Example Sentence
  • His nostrils palpitated

(verb) beat rapidly
Synonyms : flutter
Example Sentence
  • His heart palpitated

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for palpitate

palpitate-split it as pal+pit...my pal(frnd) fell on a pit, as a result of which my heart started to BEAT RAPIDLY
58       8

by imajeeth

palpitate = pulse + agitate.. generally heart beat faster in fear
17       1

by namaskar

split it into palpi ->PAAPI and tate ->australian bowler shaun TATE. as tate delivers a ball at a very high pace so the batsman aginst him starts palpitating as of fear.
5       1

by admireravi

palpitation..you may have often heard doctors..cardiologists using this word in case of heart attacks patients..
3       5

by jc

when my turn came to address the gathering from PULPIT, my heart BEAT IRREGULARLY because of FEAR, or ANXIETY.
2       1

by sukhraj

PAL(friend/dost) + PIT(mar khana in hindi) gaya so watching him ur heart THROBBED. therefore PALPITATE= THROB or FLUTTER.
1       0

by nishant19

kinda sounds like Pulse Per Iteration->Pulse per second->Beating of the heart in each iteration(each heart beat)
1       0

by ali_aj

How do u create PULP(palp).. by beating wood hardly...
0       2

by kvsharat

PALPIATE- pulp- he -ate of fruit , good for heart, heart started to THROB after he took pulp, because that gives instant energy
0       4

by Administrator

palpitate and sound similar to heartbeated means heart beat.when you get excited ur heart get bea erraticlly.
0       0

by gdabli

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