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pallet - Dictionary definition and meaning for word pallet

(noun) the range of colour characteristic of a particular artist or painting or school of art
Synonyms : palette

(noun) a portable platform for storing or moving goods that are stacked on it
(noun) a hand tool with a flat blade used by potters for mixing and shaping clay
(noun) a mattress filled with straw or a pad made of quilts; used as a bed
(noun) board that provides a flat surface on which artists mix paints and the range of colors used
Synonyms : palette

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pallet

pal(PALANG)+let(LIE DOWN or latena)...read let as"late" in hindi....so you lie on a bed...But the bed is pallid.
25       9

by nehaMD

Similar to palette. Palette has different colors. A poor bed is made of old clothes and hence is of different colors.
15       10

by garrulous

Pall means grow tired. Thus after feeling tired one sleeps on a bed. Thus pallet is a small bed.
3       1

by deepster89

How similar pallet with palonko(in bangla means cot). Pallet is not that much aristocratic like palonko rather poor as SMALL BED
2       2

by prosun

My hamster eats pellets (sounds like pallet) and sleeps on straw ( a poor bed).
0       1

by Pneumonoultra

remember the movie "PA".the word is pallet.sounds like pa let.in hindi means pa let ja take rest but where,on a bed.but the bed is too poor.
0       0

by gdabli

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