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noisome - Dictionary definition and meaning for word noisome

(adj) causing or able to cause nausea
Example Sentence
  • a nauseating smell
  • nauseous offal
  • a sickening stench

(adj) offensively malodorous
Example Sentence
  • a foul odor
  • the kitchen smelled really funky

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for noisome

Try to extract out two words from it...
  1. NOSE
  2. NOISE
.. Hence NOISOME is something that makes NOISE in our NOSE
65       2

by samironp

when you fart in a silence its noisome which spreads out foul smell in a room
14       25

by nishit.mehta

a Noisy fart is less Noisome(smelly) than a silent killer- If you know what I mean ;)
10       4

by menon_ranjit

noisome sounds somewhat like noise..which is irritating
3       2

by ranjan_thinker

"no its not me"...:)
3       2

by charan_jld

nose+some = something which is bad for nose...
2       1

by 1.6k

Remember noisome as something which causes nausea(irritation and vomiting) which is what an extremely unpleasent smell causes.......so noisome = causing nausea.
2       0

by fanatic

it pertains to the smell sensors rather than the hearing sensors as the word suggests
1       7

by nehaMD

Annoy-some; an offending smell annoys, hence noisome.
1       1

by letmepass

it sound like full of noise.....and when its noisy its unpleasant. So it means unpleasant, disgusting.
1       0

by yogeshagarwala

noisome=no+is+ome(one)....no one is there bcoz of foul smell
1       0

by ajaypasagada@gmail.com

noisome -> nei(ghee in tamil) some added, unpleasant or foul smell for few people
1       0

by sansecretcp

An-noisome---something which irritates us;causes disgust
0       2

by saiteja

U farted and then u said "NO ITS NOT ME".. the whole room was full of foul smell..A noisome fart
0       1

by t3rmin4t0r

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