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niggle - Dictionary definition and meaning for word niggle

(verb) worry unnecessarily or excessively
Synonyms : fret , fuss
Example Sentence
  • don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now

(verb) argue over petty things
Synonyms : bicker , brabble , pettifog , quibble , squabble
Example Sentence
  • Let's not quibble over pennies

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for niggle

niggle: sounds like a new girls..who is worrying too much about her first day in college.
42       10

by preetisoni2411

itna mat soch.....jaldi say doc ne di huee goli NIGGLE ja...dont NIGGLE over it too much..............:D
7       3

by verbal800

Niggle rhymes well with word "Nikal" in hindi..Imagine u have found fault in ur friends nature and you ask him/her to go out of the house.."Nikaal" jaao mere ghar se.
2       11

by infogistt

nigal(hindi) when we are in hurry to spend time on minor details we take our food quickly(nigalna)
2       3

by saurabhkhemka

now a days i NIGGLE too much over google...........:D
1       2

by verbal800

to niggle in hindi to eat (khana), these kind of people take much more time in doing things i.e. they niggle time as food
1       1

by quantum_killer

vickel(niggle) - spend too much of time on minor
1       0

by sansecretcp

if a new girls arrive at school, all girls gather around to 1. find faults about her, and the new girl 2. worries if people will like her
0       2

by friendofafriend

niggle=N(Not)+eagle , means not like eagle as eagle planned everything in big terms.
0       1

by fun4k

She niggled with the principal as she is niggling about his child’s future because he gets occasional niggles in his stomach
0       0

by nupur10000

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