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mollify - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mollify

(verb) cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of
Example Sentence
  • She managed to mollify the angry customer

(verb) make more temperate, acceptable, or suitable by adding something else; moderate
Synonyms : season , temper
Example Sentence
  • she tempered her criticism

(verb) make less rigid or softer
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mollify

mollify sounds like nullify...so just think of nullifying something...nullifying your temper
47       7

by Administrator

mollify molly + fy Molly is a girl (sounds like a proper name). A girl is soft!
11       16

by pateheo

(HOPE IT HELPS) MOLLIFY can be remembered from PACIFY.. They mean the same..
7       0

by MI-007

It is from sanskrit,mollify=mridu(soft)+fy(to make)
5       4

by rakei

mollify is opposite of molest (which is to beat up).
3       16

by garrulous

Mollify --> (Mooli + Fry), by frying mooli(Raddish) it becomes soft. By frying anything hard vegetables tend to get soft.
3       2

by albelaguy

if you remember emollient (a substance that softens or soothes) derive mollify
1       1

by BloodyMickey

convert hard rock to MOLTEN lava...mollify
1       0

by SDV

remember star plus serial .......and the role kMOLIca.........she always soothed her angry husband.....janu shant ho jaoo main kar dungi tumhara kaam
0       0

by simranjeet

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