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leery - Dictionary definition and meaning for word leery

(adj) openly distrustful and unwilling to confide
Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for leery

leery >when u are travelling in train and someone asks u to eat something then they say "leh ri" then u get suspicious at his offering..
40       16

by avinav

rhymes with Wary so when u r leery u r wary .
23       17

by amit251285

leery-compare with jerry tom is always cautious and suspicious that jerry is around
13       4

by karthik3152

rhymes with eerie... On viewing eerie things we get suspicious
12       3

by prash_kimi

Sounds like jerry...tom is always suspicious and cautious about jerry..
4       0

by nandeesht

Beware of the pace of Brett Lee
2       5

by jay_gandhi

BBC TV, Hard Talk presenter Leery King always suspicious
2       2

by amayet_math_du

Bruce Lee has a typical shine in his eye. He is always LEE-ry, i.e. cautious and distrustful, in case anyone attacks him suddenly.
1       2

by BloodyMickey

After King Lear got betrayed so many times by his daughters, he must have been very suspicious of everything.
1       0

by Anais-anais

The word leer means a lustful or wanton look.....So you become leery(cautious) of people who leer at you.
0       2

by anant.chandna

BBC presenter Leery King always
0       2

by amayet_math_du

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