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labyrinth - Dictionary definition and meaning for word labyrinth

(noun) complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost
Synonyms : maze

(noun) a complex system of interconnecting cavities; concerned with hearing and equilibrium
Synonyms : inner ear , internal ear

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for labyrinth

Break this word as LAB+YRIN(wiring)+'n'th. Generally in maths we use 1,2,3,4,...nth term. So statement is "There are so many(n)wires in the LAB which leads to complexion.--> which is the meaning.
21       14

by ravigre

in that LAB the way is not straight like margins in RIN soap but complex like jalebi
13       18

by hiraditya

lab+yrin(wiring)—its is complicated network of paths kind of MAZE
5       0

by nikhilparasher

labyrinth > lady + rin > A lady so desperate 2 find rin in a supermarket, she finds d huge supermarket like a 'maze'!
3       8

by avinav

laby+r+in+th— it’s a kind of a MAZE(complicated network of paths) to handle a BABY(LABY) when its IN the house
2       0

by nikhilparasher

sounds like (LABOUR+'n'TH)a path which requires much(n times) the normal LABOUR to get through
2       0

by santhosh_chakkilam

Forensic lab should be in labyrinth way especially in INDIA.....bcs scoundrel try to use RIN to remove confidential data.
1       4

by erndgupta

LAB mein dekha ki RIN mein kitne complex molecules hote hain, poora janjaal hota hai
1       2

by sukhraj

Since you were finding the clothes to be so complex to wash that felt like you were in a Maze. You bro helped "Le Bhai Rin" (Take this Rin)to get out of this Labyrinth !
1       0

by atulchhabra

labyrinth - sounds like lady-ring. Focus on a lady spider in its web... whick is like a maze of ring-like shapes!
0       1

by shalnew

Library and lab in the labyrinth of streets.
0       1

by nupur10000

dexters lab was a maze,, it ws difficult to find Didi
0       0

by anuragthegr8

LABYRINTH = lab + yr inth;
0       0

by shaktipada

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