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jade - Dictionary definition and meaning for word jade

(noun) a semiprecious gemstone that takes a high polish; is usually green but sometimes whitish; consists of jadeite or nephrite
Synonyms : jadestone

(noun) a woman adulterer
(noun) a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green
Synonyms : jade green

(noun) an old or over-worked horse
Synonyms : hack , nag , plug

(verb) lose interest or become bored with something or somebody
Synonyms : fatigue , pall , tire , weary
Example Sentence
  • I'm so tired of your mother and her complaints about my food

(verb) exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress
Example Sentence
  • We wore ourselves out on this hike

(adj) of something having the color of jade; especially varying from bluish green to yellowish green
Synonyms : jade-green

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for jade

sounds like jad(in marathi fat)...a woman which is fat is disreputable....It shouldn't be like it but its a fact
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by nileshdive

in telugu it is called jade means a pot which is very wide and people used to keep pickles in olden days.so a person or a woman with very wide body causes boys very boring and tiresome.
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by isabella swan

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