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importune - Dictionary definition and meaning for word importune

(verb) beg persistently and urgently
Synonyms : insist
Example Sentence
  • I importune you to help them

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for importune

Im (not) + portune (fortune). Someone who doesn't have fortune BEGS PERSISTANTLY.
33       2

by nic42991

Some countries have great misfortune because they have to beg for everything, such as food,electricity,etc. They have to plead to other countries for their necessities.
23       12

by KM2009

Imp+or+tune: Relate the word with IMPLORE. Hence importune is to implore or beg
3       2

by tenzingocha

When you hear the word "IMPORTUNE", think about "INTO TOON" A kid, that is so into cartoons, begs his mother to let him watch his/her fav show, becoz it's urgent. and won't sleep without watching it.
2       3

by ro0oney

remember"import"from importune... all countries beg & import petrol from saudi.
1       1

by annamaneni

IMPORTUNE is to IMPLORE because of bad FORTUNE.
1       1

by dshefman

Importune sounds like Important. If the thing is important for you....you might as well beg for it!
1       0

by myth17

Important things are worth nagging and begging for.
0       5

by Marise

0       2

by digi123

IMPORT & TUNE. These days young kids are BEGGING their parents to IMPORT and TUNE MOTORCYCLES.
0       2

by menon_ranjit

Think of Chinese people begging to import their stuff to the US
0       1

by gennx01

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