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impervious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word impervious

(adj) not admitting of passage or capable of being affected
Synonyms : imperviable
Example Sentence
  • a material impervious to water
  • someone impervious to argument

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impervious

im(not)+pravesh(enter) so unpenetrable...
42       2

by studyabroad.us

"i m pervez(pervez musharraf)"...no matter wat u say, i won't be affected!!
9       0

by jason_smick

A pervert is trying to rape me. But I'm not scared. He won't be able to penetrate me, because I'm impervious - immuned to perverts.
6       0

by avner

impervious = im-'not' + per-'completely' + vious 'via'[old] => not (completely via) => impossible to penetrate
5       4

by pateheo

impervious; here,{pervious= perversion}, thus im-pervious= which cannot be perversed with therefore which cannot be damaged or penetrated
0       4

by chandrima

IM = not + PERVIoUS = letting things through
0       0

by dncprncss

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